Valentine brothers,the - money's too tight (too mention)

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  "Blood Brothers was a hard act to follow..."   ..."I couldn't accept a role which was less than that, and such parts are thin on the ground." BARBARA DICKSON Blood Brothers has attracted top quality singers and actors to perform the characters created by Willy Russell. For example, the part of Mrs. Johnstone, has been played by some famous names...

Billy Valentine also performed in the 1980s on the soundtracks of the films Champions Forever and The Five Heartbeats , before joining the show It Ain't Nothin' But the Blues in Los Angeles in the late 1990s. He has also worked as a demo recording artist and songwriter, and as a singer in Los Angeles clubs. Since 2004 he has sung on the soundtrack of the hit TV series Boston Legal . [2]

The Valentine Brothers were a pair of criminal brothers named Luke Valentine and Jan Valentine who joined Millennium to become vampires. They were both specially upgraded into artificial vampires with the intention of having them destroy the Hellsing Organization . Jan intended to wipe out the primary Hellsing fighting force while Luke was meant to defeat Alucard .

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In all their incarnations, the Ghoul Army used a sizable force and were armed with machine guns or carbines, bulletproof armor to increase even more their odds of survival, and heavy anti-riot shields, always engraved with the message: "Boo Doo People Murder People" and the emblem of the Valentine Brothers, a stylized eye staring upwards with what appears to be a tear sliding down.

Valentine Brothers,The - Money's Too Tight (Too Mention)Valentine Brothers,The - Money's Too Tight (Too Mention)Valentine Brothers,The - Money's Too Tight (Too Mention)Valentine Brothers,The - Money's Too Tight (Too Mention)