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In addition to reviewing their retirement ages, the group recommended countries make it easier for people to save. They should also work to improve financial literacy so that workers are able to understand their retirement savings options.

Sarah and Steve live somewhere in the vicinity of, but not in, Dallas . Their home is near the FOTS church. Steve and Sarah welcome Jason Stackhouse as he arrives at the church. She and Steve are shown to be a team and make their decisions together. Their marriage is presented as a strong one. (" Keep This Party Going ")

Already Built? The latest product from Weepa which can be retrofitted into your home for pest protection and bushfire protection in accordance with AS3959.

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Africa News Network7 (ANN7) is South Africa’s newest 24-hour news channel focusing on constructive, nation-building stories in the interests of building a culture of unity and pride in SA.

‘Many of the patients I see could and should have been treated as soon as symptoms appeared, but either because they didn’t recognise them or were reluctant to get them checked, it’s often too late to treat them effectively,’ says Mr Franklin, who is chairman of the vascular disease charity, The Circulation Foundation.

As a new generation of feminists have risen up around the world in what's been called "Third Wave" or "Choice" feminism, many are questioning: should feminists support all women's choices or are some choices actually holding women back?  

Experts talk of a 'window' of testicular development that begins in the growing foetus and ends in the first six months of life. Problems in this period mean that the baby boy may never be able to produce babies of his own.

Fletcher ’s “Wasted Youth” symbolizes everything it means to be young and in love. The case is the same for the video, which gives an intimate and normalizing glimpse into a lesbian love story that unfolds with our female leads embarking on a nighttime quest to nowhere. Paired with the atmospheric song, the music video does its part at capturing love in all its innocence, and seals the deal with a kiss.

Peace - TimebombPeace - TimebombPeace - TimebombPeace - Timebomb