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The district is bordered by Olympic Freeway at south, La Puerta Freeway at west, Del Perro Freeway at north and Los Santos Storm Drain at east. Because of that the district is excellent communicated with the rest of the city. Also, Strawberry Avenue  ends at the Los Santos Freeway . There are two Los Santos Transit stations (one closed) and several buses . However, heavy traffic is common all the day and night.

But while Ruby seems to have visited Havana while Trafficante was detained there, there is no corroboration of Hudson’s claim that they met.

Buy online from this range of green unroasted coffee beans . Roast your own coffee beans from countries like Brazil, El Salvador, India and Mexico.

There is a custom to serve it on a tray with a glass of cold water for every guest. (It cleans the palate for a better taste).

Don Santos - Coffee & GrainsDon Santos - Coffee & GrainsDon Santos - Coffee & GrainsDon Santos - Coffee & Grains